Voice of Customer Workshop, Project Pipeline & Roadmap Development, Innovation Framework Development, Stakeholder Management


Travel (Global)  

One of the largest airlines in the Middle East.


How can a global airline ensure it is focusing on the right strategic issues for the future, in partnership with its media agency?

The need for large organisations to know and plan what they need from their creative and media agency partners in the future is crucial.  Organisational, customer and technology changes necessitate a shared view of how partnerships need to work and a flexible roadmap to point everyone in the right direction.  Getting to this shared vision and roadmap of the future is a challenge. 



We worked extensively with airline key stakeholders and agency partners to align all parties on what the vision of the future was and directly identify the core areas that need to be focused on to drive this future vision.  Cross stakeholder involvement ensured initiatives were not created ‘in a vacuum’. Implemented an agile and deep analysis of current reality, leveraging design thinking and Voice of Customer (VoC) approaches. 



Facilitated a three day workshop with 50 representatives across the business and drove all participants to a shared V1 project plan. Beforehand, facilitated three pre-workshops for alignment and ensuring everyone could arrive ‘ready for action’. Identified 5 key work streams and ideated 36 projects ideas to achieve success across these work streams.