As-Is Analysis & Strategic Direction, Customer Experience Audit, Project Pipeline & Roadmap Development


Professional Services (Switzerland)  

HR services company part of Adecco group, a Fortune Global 500 company.


How can a professional services company derive customer centric insights to guide strategic prioritisation?

The organisation had several ongoing initiatives in motion aimed at driving growth, however, most of these initiatives were internally focused and based on internal insights.  In order to gut check the executive teams planning, human-centric decision making frameworks were introduced to the business for the first time with a regional pilot in Switzerland.



A Customer Experience Audit, including interviews with 40 HR Executives and 2 co-creation workshop with clients, resulting in a current state analysis, customer centric insights report and 30+ prioritised opportunities (digital and non-digital) to drive growth through the improvement of overall Customer Experience.



Along with the ability to test the value of customer centric thinking within the firm for the first time, the insights and new opportunities were also used to validate, prioritise and de-prioritise the companies global strategic initiatives program.  Deep dive sessions with strategic initiatives team leads were also held to share knowledge and implement learnings into the program plans.