Culture Assessment & Readiness Audit, Skills Audit & Gap Analysis, Training Workshops & Seminars.


Luxury Retail (Global)  

Global jewelry & luxury brand with 2,800 stores in 170+ countries.


Can a traditional luxury retailer increase their global marketing team’s capacity to deliver digital outcomes?

In a rapidly changing media and marketing world, the ability for any globally dispersed marketing team to stay across the most important changes which impact their jobs is difficult.  Keeping up to date and ensuring an understanding of the basics to more advanced digital and non-digital media topics is crucial.   



Undertake a full audit of the global organisation’s level of understanding and level of perceived capacity to implement across all the key areas of advertising and media.  Based on the audit, a comprehensive, 12 month, training programme was developed which was 100% tailored to the organisation’s needs with tracking and feedback mechanisms to assess business impact.



Alignment of the global and local teams in relation to level of knowledge and capacity.  Helped to increase the level of quality on key marketing inputs by 50% and decreased the gaps between understanding and capacity by 20-45%.