The Agency of the Future: Beginning the Transformation Journey


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There is a need for some agencies to re-frame the way they look at their need to evolve. Instead of the default thinking being "we need to implement X technology, hire/fire Y person or merge Z departments" they should start asking, "what is really defining the problem space we are now in and what will be the major factors of change moving forward". Only from this point, can a relevant and grounded future be established.


In our final instalment (for now) on the ‘Agency of the Future’ question, we have gotten a little more granular. The following white paper does not (as may are prone to do) present the answer of what the Agency of the Future model is, simply because there is no one answer on which model will be the right one for any particular agency moving forward.

Like all other organisations which are taking the question of ‘how do we change’ seriously, a well considered and thoughtful examination of the following questions needs to occur:

  • Where am I know and why do I need to change?

  • What are the environmental realities which are driving the exponential change in my industry?

  • What are the most relevant paths to consider (including new markets and new business models) for my agency’s evolution?

  • How to I balance change at the core of my agency and at the edges to create momentum?

  • Which technologies should I be considering at an organisational and not just delivery level to help drive change?

  • How to I change culture and create champions for change?

  • Do I really know that this is an ongoing process? What will that mean for my agency?

This white paper begins a thinking process on all of the above questions. It also present tools and ways of looking at the agency/technology/culture/innovation space which could be applied to any transformation process.

We are actively working on such journeys with agencies and non-agencies alike. We’d love to connect if there’s anything which you find interesting and could potentially see as applicable to your organisation’s current or future transformational needs.

If you like what you have read, we'd love to continue the conversation.  Let's connect.