The Agency of the Future: Agency Types


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An important part of designing your agency of the future, is to understand what the reality and trends in agency business models are. A deep understanding of current reality and trends helps to ensure that any transformational change being looked at can be framed correctly.


In this snippet from a longer white paper we are soon delivering on The Agency of the Future, we wanted to share different types we see emerging around the globe. In short, there are many, and, we assume many more to come. There’s no right model, there’s merely the right model for your agency depending on your view of what the future holds, and what type of business you want to become.

Your Agency of the Future: Agency Types

Below is a link to download our analysis and grouping of agency types. It breaks down agency types onto traditional models and emerging models, mapping both the positives and negatives of each. What is interesting to note, is that:

  • There are a raft of new models emerging across the globe

  • The separation between ‘church’ and ‘state’ in agencies is well and truly gone. Agency can at the same time provide media, own and leverage technology platforms, provide access to influences, manage/track and buy media, undertake full measurement and analytics and ideate around creative concepts

  • All emerging models have a play in data and technology

  • The concepts of ‘scale’ via people is well and truly shifting to ‘scale’ via technology.

In our subsequent white paper, we’ll dig deeper into how an agency can move towards their transformative vision.

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