Digital Europe: 5 things you may have missed w50


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Week 50: December 4th - December, 16th 2018

There is a lot happening each week in digital across Europe, so we wanted to take some of the pain out of staying up-to-date. Below are our picks of the digital happenings across the continent from a revolution in banking to ‘hacker friendly’ passwords.

The Revolut banking revolution continues.

Fintech startup Revolut is finally a ‘real’ bank as it secures it’s first banking license in Europe.

Applied through the Bank of Lithuania, this will see Revolut move from the world of being fundamentally an e-wallet, to offering the services and products of more traditional banks. A huge hit with the millenial set, this move to more mainstream banking services which will attract a more mainstream audience should see a raft of ‘similar’ products being pushed more aggressively from the traditional players.

Find out more here.

For teen and child related issues, chat-bots have a long way to go.

Chatbots are du jour.

Their intellectual capabilities are also being tested in ways in which they are still far from being up to the challenge. While chat-bots to help you navigate your airline booking experience are getting better all the time, when it comes to teenage and child related topics, there’s a long way to go.

Two leading chat apps for teens highlighted by the BBC in the past week struggled with questions about drugs and bulimia for instance. AI’s ability to navigate the complexity of human emotion, rather than the variables when booking a plane ticket, is some way off.

Will it get there? We think, undoubtedly. With ‘intelligence’ however, we also hope there’s empathy.

’Tis the season to be trendy.

There are 1.7 billion results in Google, as of today, when you type ‘2019 trends’. Basically, everything is a trend next year. You may want to read all of them, if you have the time. One of our favourites places to start would be the digital design trends for next year, curated by 99 Designs. They have put together their list of visual inspiration for our tired digital eyes.

The trend we would love to see more of #minimalism You?

Need more? Check their graphic design trends for 2019 as well. Try not to get 80’s nostalgic after seeing them.

What type of transformation leader are you?

In the last week, we published insights on Transformation Leads in organisations across Europe. We looked at 200 Heads of Transformation across European businesses and asked where have they come from; what type of educational background to they have; which areas of business typically ‘grow’ most transformation leads, and a range of other interesting data points.

You can view the research here.

Are you donald, 123456 or princess?

While not strictly European Digital news, the following analysis from TechCruch would certainly be relevant to millions of European citizens. We thought it important to share.

#123456 is officially the worst password of 2018. Are you guilty of any of the following offences with the countless passwords you undoubtedly have? Our favourite worst-password, donald.

See if you need to update your passwords.