Digital Europe: 5 things you may have missed w48


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Week 48: November 26th - DECEMBER 2ND, 2018

There is a lot happening each week in digital across Europe, so we wanted to take some of the pain out of staying up-to-date. Below are our picks of the digital happenings across the continent.

CaixaBank, Seat, Telefónica, Agbar, and Naturgy want you!

Earlier this year it was announced that CaixaBank, Seat, Telefónica, Agbar, and Naturgy would join forces to create ‘Start4Big’, a new platform aiming to kickstart innovative startups.

This week the huge players made an official 'call for innovators' when they announced the 4 challenge areas for their First Wave of Innovation. They are looking for startups with concepts that address:

We are excited to see which projects get selected and see how such a diverse group of companies scale innovation through their enormous commercial network.

Congratulations to the team behind Start4Big.

Ever wondered what you pay in E-Commerce shipping fees compared to other countries in Europe?

One of the most important factors for E-commerce businesses is the cost of shipping. It not only affects profit margins but a company’s ability to stay competitive. Sellics, a US based software company, mapped how the average cost of sending a package differs in 40 G20 and EU countries around the world.

It turns out that Romania is the least expensive country to ship a package by local express. On average, it costs 3.20 euros, which is almost 72 percent cheaper than the study median. The most expensive country in Europe is the Netherlands, where it costs 24.45 euros to send a package by local express.

Get the full breakdown here.

Might Volvo shift away from selling individual cars and trucks, and toward offering autonomous vehicle services?

Volvo's autonomous vehicle services is up and running gin Norway. The manufacturer has struct a deal to transport limestone roughly 3 miles for the mining company. On the surface this doesn't sound very glamorous, but the business model behind it is -- Brønnøy Kalk is paying for every metric tonne Volvo delivers.

See the trucks in action.

French classifieds giant Leboncoin has acquired fashion marketplace Videdressing for an undisclosed price.

Last year, Videdressing reported 35 million euros from sales commissions, from 25,000 transactions and 3 million monthly visitors. The move is strategic for Leboncoin, immediately turning it into a significant player in the online fashion market in France.

Read more here.

Bayer wants to positively impact at least 100 million people across the world through social innovation.

Bayer is actively working with social entrepreneurs to address topics like ageing society, climate change or the growing need for food.

Two of Bayer existing partnerships have won the award of the Skoll Foundation, which is often called the Academy Awards of Social Innovations.

  • MyArgo - Mobile banking service enabling farmers to save one or two dollars at a time.

  • One Acre Fund - Market-based strategies to fight rural poverty.

Bayer is looking for the next generation of social entrepreneurs as they build on their mission to open the door for innovations that benefit the planet.

Read what the Vice President, Head of Corporate Innovation and R&D at Bayer has to say about the initiative.