Digital Europe: 5 things you may have missed w47


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Week 47: November 19th - November 25th, 2018

There is a lot happening each week in digital across Europe, so we wanted to take some of the pain out of staying up-to-date. Below are our picks of the digital happenings across the continent. This week, Macron’s thoughts on the internet, smart devices and Tetris (yes, Tetris).

An internet which is free and fair?

Europe’s digital future is not just about technological advancement, it is also about advancement in diplomacy, politics and society.

See what Macron stated this week on the need for a more democratic and regulated internet. The discussion on freedom of speech, individual responsibility and the foundational impacts of fettered vs an unfettered internet are far from over.

Read what Macron shared

4YFN brining start-ups and large corporations ever closer to innovate.

4YFN is soon to come back to Barcelona in February 2019. For next year, large corporates have thrown out challenges to budding start-up technology players to pitch their ‘WOW’ solutions to some of the innovation problems these companies are facing.

Got what’s needed?

Check out the challenges and how to pitch

Watch your groceries being packed into your fridge, when you are not at home.

Albert Heijn, a large Dutch food retailer, has launched it's own smart lock for the delivery of food bought from them, into your home, when you are not there. The push by traditional organisations to build end-to-end experiences driven by technology has only begun.

Check out their video on how they are testing the service

Do social networks know more about you, than you?

Ever wondered why ‘messy’ regulation like Europe’s GDRP is needed? So, ever had that nagging suspicion that you are being electronically watched. Well, you are. But, whose tracking you most comprehensively?

Check out which which social media platforms (and internet players) are collecting the most information about their humans? You won’t be surprised by the biggest collectors, you may be surprised on exactly how deep it is.

Check out who, is collecting what?

Has Tetris ever wanted to make you cry?

Now, for something old school and global. A well deserved love letter to Tetris has finally been electronically penned in the form of Tetris Effect for PS4.

You just have to play it to understand why those humble blocks (tetrominoes for the uninitiated) made this version’s creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, almost cry (you may as well ;)

Watch the launch trailer and try not to cry ;)