Digital Europe: 5 things you may have missed w46

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Week 46: November 12th - November 18th, 2018

There is a lot happening each week in digital across Europe, so we wanted to take some of the pain out of staying up-to-date. Below are our top five digital happenings across the continent. This week, laying down the rules on AI, smart cities, SEAT scooters, Elon Musk and more.

European capitals some of the fastest growing “smart cities” in the world

Europe, with 12 cities ranking among the top 25 in this year’s Smart City Rankings, is once again one of the top-performing geographical areas in the world. Based on a multitude of factors, including technology, Helsinki, Barcelona and Milan were the top three cities globally who rose most dramatically in the rankings.

Europe has almost 50% of the Top 25 cities in the rankings.

Check out the entire list. Where does your city rank?

Digital Europe has launched its policy paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While released last week, we couldn’t squeeze it into our digest, so, it is making a guest appearance this week.

The document, titled Digital Europe Recommendations on AI Policy: Towards a Sustainable and Innovation Friendly Approach, includes both long-term strategic considerations as well as more immediate initiatives. While a serious read, it is becoming increasingly important that key bodies like Digital Europe start taking the initiative in crafting to rules-of-engagement on AI.

Europe, has added its voice. Now, traction needs to occur in key global/country/regional bodies coming together to draft common, global frameworks.

Download the policy recommendation here (no robots allowed, yet ;) & if you didn’t check it out, take a look at the Microsoft and EY report released on October 1st, on the state of AI in Europe.

Scoot over pedestrians, SEAT is now on sidewalks

Last week, we highlighted SEAT launching Alexa integrations over various European cities in its compatible vehicles. This week, SEAT are at it again in a more nimble way.

Officially launched on the 13th of November (@ the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress of all places) Seat has gone into partnership with Segway to launch its first urban mobility vehicle. A scooter called the eXS!

Grad your helmet and check out the video

We vote ‘yes’ for technology driving transparency in politics and political debate.

Apolitical Academy, a global, online peer-to-peer network for public-servants, has put together an interesting list of some of the world's most influential people in Digital Government. Among them, the EU Commissioner for the Digital Single Market - Andrus Ansip and several #European parliamentarians, officials and individuals actively participating online across the political and governmental sphere from #Estonia, #France, #UK, #Denmark & #Sweden.

Transparency and access in today’s global political environment is crucial. See who’s doing it best.

See the rankings

If Elon tweets you this week, best to ignore it

On a darker note, several verified Twitter accounts in the UK this week were hacked and used to send a messages to their followers encouraging them to buy Bitcoin in exchange for more Bitcoin being given back. The twist? The messages looked like they were coming from Elon Musk.

The hackers were trying to capitalise on the blue tick which verified accounts are given by Twitter, in an effort to seem more legitimate.

Read more and see some of the tweets