What we do.

We are not app developers or a digital agency, we do culture, process and organisational transformation.  Sometimes this includes an app or a site, but because its part of a bigger mission to be customer centric, digital-first or innovative. 

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Scale digital or innovation programs across the business.

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Drive transformational momentum & create short-term wins.

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Enable your teams with new skills & mindsets.

Take our Failure as a Service (FaaS) self assessment test.

This article is the second in our two part series on maximising the positives from failure. It helps organisation assess how ready they are to fail and how to get better at it.

Failure as a Service (FaaS).  What it is & why you should care.

The first in a two part series on maximising the positives from failure when organisations are experimenting and iterating with new approaches in an effort to digitally transform.

5 Dysfunctions of Digital Transformation.         

This model is a synthesis of the positive and negative signals we have seen in dozens of businesses across 4 continents. Pinpoint where you may need to focus your energy in order to materialise business transformation.


Our Services.

We work with organisations in three key areas of Business Transformation & Innovation. 



For organisations that need to operationalise the way they innovate.

As-Is Analysis & Strategic Direction
Governance Model Development
Process Design & Implementation
KPI Development & Portfolio Optimisation



For organisations that need to develop momentum & short-term wins.

Customer Experience Audit
Project Pipeline & Roadmap Development
Pipeline Management
MVP Management


Culture Change

For organisations that need to enable their people with new skills & mindsets.

Culture Assessment & Readiness Audit
Internal Comms Program Development
Training Workshops & Seminars
Skills Audit & Gap Analysis


Our Work.

We have worked with leading brands across the globe & tackled a wide range of complex transformation challenges which help our clients benefit from a breadth and depth of experience.  Review some of the project we have done below.


Can a traditional luxury retailer increase their global marketing team’s capacity to deliver digital outcomes?

What if a pharmaceutical company could reposition digital 'as-a-service' to drive agility & optimise investments globally?


How can a professional services company derive customer centric insights to guide strategic prioritisation?

What innovations can help a rail manufacturing company compete against autonomous vehicles?


How can a global airline ensure it is focusing on the right strategic issues for the future, in partnership with its media agency?


About us.

Digital Transformation is the priority for many organisations today.  Leadership gets it - they get the value of it, the competitive imperative behind it and need to invest to affect it - but are asking themselves, "How do we transform people as well as technology?” 

Alonso//Poli is dedicated in taking this journey with our clients and tackling the obstacles between vision and reality in order to materialise your digital transformation.


Monica Alonso  


Monica is passionate about designing new services & experiences that humans love, as well as the value propositions & business models behind them.  Her areas of expertise are Design Thinking, Innovation Facilitation, Customer Experience & Product Development.

Over the last 15 years, Monica has led strategic digital initiatives for global brands such as Bombardier, Takeda, Virgin & Nissan, as well as managed CX/Design teams & Innovation Labs across Europe & Asia.



Piero Poli


Piero has been assisting medium & large organisation’s on their digital transformations since the early 2000’s.  He is passionate about the human impact of change & aligning an organisation to affect the change required - in the most human way possible.  

Piero has led digital transformation efforts globally for companies such as Telstra, the Australian Government, Emirates Airlines, Swarovski, Warner Music, Ladbrokes & Takeda.  He has also built & managed regional teams of over 60 people to deliver integrated transformation & consulting services for these clients.